Ubiquiti Support Options

People sometimes confuse us with Ubiquiti themselves. However, we’re “just another reseller”, it’s on our logo 😊.

We are small business, dedicated to serving the local Aussie market via our distribution partnership with an Elite Ubiquiti distributor.  We compete with everyone else selling this great brand in our local Australian market.

Now you know who we are, let’s get down to how you can get help and support for your Ubiquiti products.

There are two ways Ubiquiti products can enter the local market. The first way is through an Authorised Aussie importer & distributor, who bring in the product and sells it to their authorised dealers – like us here at Ubiquiti Store.

The second way is through other companies or individuals who may import directly from overseas, and sell those products to you.  If this is so, the products may be, but not necessarily will be, “grey market”.  These product may be less expensive to purchase outright, but the seller may not have the infrastructure or high quality customer support to offer in a warranty situation.

That wonderful old Roman saying… Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) fits nicely here, and as a side note, we suggest checking with any seller and asking them if they supply through official distribution channels.

We here at Ubiquiti Store, of course, only sell officially sourced products from a single local wholesale partner. Other sellers may not, as described above, and this is an important distinction.

What does all this mean about your Support Options?

Buying your Ubiquiti equipment from an authorised source entitles you to the following:

  • FREE support & configuration advice after the sale
  • Local RA (Return Authorisations) and Advance Replacements (we send you replacement products before we receive your item back, stock permitting).  This helps you get back up and running much faster.
  • Access to the team of highly qualified, Ubiquiti-trained engineers, who are the resident Aussie gurus.

If the product you bought wasn’t bought from this website, we regrettably can’t offer these benefits.  However, don’t give up!  Simply ask the place you bought your gear from if they also work with an official Australian partner.  If so, all the benefits above should also be available to you.

Bought your Product here from Ubiquiti Store?

Our commitment to customer service and the rapid resolution of warranty claims and returns is steadfast, and we’d love to help resolve warranty claims in the quickest possible time, and also send Advanced Replacements whenever possible (stocks permitting).

If you bought your Ubiquiti gear from us, please dig out your Order number and/or equipment serial number, and head over to our Ubiquiti Store Warranty Centre, where you will find an online form to begin the process.  Note: a free Ubiquiti Store account is required.

Got your Ubiquiti-branded Goodies Elsewhere?

If not sourced through a local Aussie distributor (we suggest you always ask the company or person you bought your gear from before purchasing to know this important fact), then we regrettably can’t offer support.

We’re happy to share the following information below, however, as we want everyone to get the best experience from the brand we love, and also to help you get the support you justly deserve.

Option 1: Contact the Original Place of Purchase

We advise you to get in touch with the company you bought your products from and get help directly though their support system.

Option 2: Go to the Official Ubiquiti Help and Support page

You can raise a support ticket with the international help desk by following this link – https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.  Note that Ubiquiti’s official support is of high quality, and their support staff are highly trained.  Support is performed offshore, but they are responsive and professional.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to serve you again, or at some time in the future.

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