UniFi® Wireless

Ubiquiti Unifi Access Points and related WiFi products represent the best way you can reboot your Wi-Fi experience at your business or home.

#1) Ubiquiti access points are simple to use, which makes it easier and more convenient for your employees, customers, family and frienmds to connect and enjoy.

#2) Ubiquiti Access Points provide a better experience than the competition in terms of speed and coverage.

#3) Ubiquiti Access Points are incredibly affordable.

Deploying Ubiquiti Access Points will help you to improve the overall experience that your customers receive, and can help you to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Ubiquiti Access Points also allow users to easily adjust settings in order to optimize their experience.

A key feature of Ubiquiti Access Points, which has led to their incredibly wide adoption in recent years, is the Wireless Uplink function, which allows a nearly unlimited number of APs to mesh together to create a single WiFi network.

For business use, you can scale up easily as your user base grows and you can keep a close eye on usage and performance over time, thanks to the industry leading wireless mesh technology built into every UniFi AP.

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