AmpliFi is the ultimate, easiest to use and set up Wi-fi system for any home or office.

With its turbocharged 802.11ac wireless and advanced antenna technology, AmpliFI will provide all your devices with access to fast internet speeds no matter where they are in your house!

Why waste time and frustration with ordinary old Wi-Fi extenders?  AmpliFi creates a whole home mesh networking system to provide high-speed and eliminate dead spots.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi with AmpliFi

  • Eliminates any dead spots in your home
  • Powerful wireless performance
  • Intuitive touchscreen display with an easy setup

A full mesh network is a great way to cover your home with Wi-Fi. It’s also the most reliable and secure option for high bandwidth applications like streaming TV or playing video games online – so you’ll have no problem doing what you love on any device!

The flagship model in the AmpliFi family is the AmpliFi HD.  Ubiquiti has created an entire system that does just this: it has three devices in total (a strikingly aesthetic router and two MeshPoints), all of which work together seamlessly.  AmpliFi is the best home mesh networking product available.

MeshPoint Antennas, Power You Plug into Your Wall

The AmpliFi MeshPoint is an innovative and versatile WiFi hotspot that features a Super Antenna for optimal signal strength. You can place the AmpliFi anywhere in your home to provide reliable internet coverage without dead spots, or use it as part of a mesh network with other routers by adding additional units where necessary. The sleek design also includes LED lights that let you know exactly how well each area is receiving WiFi signals so placement optimizes performance.

Stunning Design

When it comes to aesthetics, AmpliFi routers were created with one thing in mind: making Wi-Fi something you can show off rather than hide. The company’s founders felt that people often hid their routers and placed them out of sight, so they made it easy for consumers by designing this router “from the outside inward.” After all, if you’re going to have a box sitting on top of your bookshelf at least make it look sleek and futuristic!

Ubiquiti’s Famous Easy Setup

The AmpliFi mesh router system makes it easy to control a home’s Wi-Fi from anywhere. Via the intuitive app, you’re able to instantly set up your network and configure powerful reporting metrics that keep tabs on usage and guest access.

And don’t worry about forgetting who has been logged in – there are parental controls for added peace of mind! The mobile app is available via Android or iOS smartphones so setup can be done anytime with just a few taps or swipes.

Mesh Your Third-Party Router

If you’re looking for a way to turn your existing router into one that can give much better coverage in the home, then consider adding an AFi-P-HD MeshPoint or two. These devices plug straight into your power points, and are powerful enough to give you great WiFi access wherever it is placed. All this means that no matter where someone might be staying within your house, they’ll get strong connectivity from anywhere.

Help When You Need It

With AmpliFi’s 24/7 Live Global Chat Support, you can always feel confident that your network is running smoothly. The support team will help with anything from troubleshooting to installation and more.  You can get help straight form your mobile app, or online at

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